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Integral Life Coach

After living a process of training and personal transformation, you become a real testimony. A life coach will provide you with the necessary tools to know yourself, recognize yourself, reprogram and empower yourself.

Motivation comes and goes, and most of the time we live depending on whether we are motivated or not. An integral life coach will accompany you and support you to develop skills, recognize and manage your emotions, identify beliefs and transform you.

Benefits of becoming a certified Integral Life Coach in ACCA

  • Personalized and real time mentoring.

  • You can organize your schedule according to your availability.

  • Study online, with international endorsement, get certified and practice anywhere in the world.

  • The opportunity to write your own book.

  • Constant accompaniment.

  • Professionals with proven track record in the world of coaching.

  • Emprender tu propio negocio a través del coaching.

  • Opportunity to create and sell your courses on our e-learning platform.



The integral life coach certification is based on personal growth, being a theoretical, practical, interactive and participative process. The coachee will experience cutting-edge techniques and tools to acquire a different learning experience. They will develop the necessary skills and abilities to be applied with the theoretical knowledge to contribute, in the first place, to their personal growth and development and later to the development of their professional specialty.


14 weeks


Individual weeks

Director of the Integral Life Coach Certification

International Master Coach Jacqueline Betancourt


Doctor Honoris Causa.

Author of the book; Coaching to BE

Ontological Professional Coach

Certified Trainer of the American Cancer Society

Trainer of transformation and personal change workshops

Member of the International Coaching and Mentoring Federation



Director of Development and Contents

Methods of Payment


  • Upon payment $250.00 USD

  • 4 week $266.00 USD

  • 6 week $266.00 USD

  • 8 week $266.00 USD



  • Make your payment by credit card in cash or in installments through Paypal.

  • Report your payment along with the name of the certification you wish to make via:




Foundations that hold the pillars of coaching.

Exploring your innermost and working with your BEING

Efficient Communication skills

Identifying the type of observer you are regarding your limiting beliefs

Guidelines for the final project (book Project-BP).

Coaching processes practical sessions

Coach´s Skills I.

Emotional Intelligence

Coach´s Skills II.

Personal Branding, Social Media, and Marketing for Coaches.